Monday, October 30, 2006

Kitchen, Jefferson

Here the owners were looking to update very plain cabinets and achieve a country French look.

Hartwell Lake House: Before


The original cabinets are dark and cheerless, seeming to absorb light. Made of inexpensive plywood, they are functional and structurally sound but lacking in character and interest.

Hartwell Lake House: After

Finish is a layered glazed and distressed look with a deep red over golden ochre yellow. Hand painted accents include a topiary adjacent to the pantry and cascading florals over the serving and kitchen windows.

Here is the kitchen before the repaint... terribly bland...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Custom Painted Cabinetry: Porter House

Cabinets were stark white before, same as pantry door. This is a painted finish that emphasizes the raised panels on cabinet doors. Deeper tones coordinate well with dark wall color for a sophisticated custom look overall. Smaller photo shows built-in china cupboard adjacent to kitchen and finished to match.

Sky Valley mural

14' x 24' mural depicting the landscape of the north GA mountains (with a little artistic license.) Private home, Sky Valley, GA.

Entertainment Center -

Approx. 72" x 48" - Corner entertainment center, locally built and painted with scenery of the north GA mountains. Available as a custom order: 6 - 8 week delivery, cost: $3,200 - $3,850, depending on particular design/case interior. Price does not include shipping/delivery.


Acrylic on canvas - 18" x 24" What can I say? I love to paint chickens.

Few creatures on this earth suffer in greater numbers than do chickens... and they are so naive, so unaware of human indifference.

Fly rod case

Painted in sepia tones, this is an example of trompe l'oeil painting. Even the "wood grain" is paint.

mural, private home

This detail of a larger mural portrays rhododendron and mountain laurel thickets common to the north GA mountains. Painting this area, with all the layers of undergrowth and the little run-off stream with its' exposed roots, earth and stone was my favorite part of this three month project.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


9" x 12" acrylic on panel

Unwilling to accept the offering, she looks away; she keeps her troubles, her sadness to herself. She cannot ask for help, she cannot be this fragile.


5" x 7" acrylic on panel..

It's no wonder he looks grouchy... Can you imagine a fate worse than being born a boy chick? Your chances of survival beyond 12 weeks are nearly nil, and if you should survive, you will never be a rooster, as you will be caponized at the earliest opportunity. Born; never to be wild.