Monday, December 03, 2007

Soft Faux Finish in a natural palette

Four color glaze treatment in large Timberframe house. Owners wanted a subtle yet dramatic look that would compliment the color of the beams. Note how the color deepens at the edges of each panel.

This helps to soften the walls, giving the illusion of depth of surface and contrasting with the hard angles of the steep roof. The result is comfortable and warm without being overpowering.

Painted "stone" foundation with little embellishments...

This is a cement foundation which the owners wanted painted to mimic stone blocks. They allowed me to add a few little surprise embellishments from the natural
world to break up the monotony. The tax assessor actually raised their property
taxes because he said the painted walls added "unique value" to the house... They couldn't decide if they were pleased with his reasoning or not... ;-) The two upper photos are the before and after.


Some fun detailing... a toad and a fat bumblebee

Painted finish in a small powder room

This finish began with a deep brown base overlaid with brilliant glazes of red and just a touch of copper (iridescent metallic), and a hint of green to pick up the glaze colors of the custom ceramic sink.