Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Sun Room, Ali-'V's

Here are the final large elements of the murals at Ali-V's Restaurant in Jefferson, Georgia.

The largest dining room featured large framed "picture" windows down one side. In order to balance the room and add warmth to what turned out to be a rather cool yellow, warm pumpkin/terracotta hues that echoed the color of the ceiling and the wood of the floor were incorporated into three framed landscapes. The soft, cool greens and the deep reds give strong enough values to balance the strong chocolate color of the frames.

As the front two dining rooms were perhaps a bit more on the feminine side, a more neutral to masculine look was emphasized in the SunRoom where many of the fraternal and civic organizations hold luncheons and meetings.

Scenes portray rolling land, ponds, streams and foliage native to, and evocative of, Jackson County and the surrounding area with out being any literal place.
Between each landscape, decorative accents were added to give softer focal points and interest; each retaining the outdoors theme. Potted geraniums , and Clematis and Morning Glory vines add a lively touch, as do the old fashioned wheel barrow, and a birdhouse complete with resident Bluebird.

It's likely a few more details will be added in future as this room could still use a bit more softness at either end. Also planned is a large triptych painting on canvas to help muffle conversation.

The owners are two wonderful ladies; great supporters of the arts and fabulous cooks! Kay Hardy makes the world's best fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and red velvet cake I've ever tasted - and that's just a small sample of the offerings there. She and Helena Dale offer great food, stylish decor and warm hospitality and they will cater almost any size event.

There is also a wonderful gift shop where customers can purchase home decor - and of course, mine and Carol's paintings and painted furniture.

Photo at left shows the room before.


  1. Awwwwwww! So gorgeous! If I get up to your area I must go see, and eat, too!

  2. Lovely murals, and I'd just love to have brunch in that restaurant. By the by...I have 3 tattoos, and 2 are from Georgia O'Keeffe paintings...a Calla Lily and Desert Roses...and Mike and I both got each other O'Keeffe art books one Valentines Day...