Sunday, June 17, 2012

From Relic to Snazzy

The "Kushner" Chair...after -  I just love black and white...
An old chair was given to Cottage Chic (my shop) as a "do whatever you wish" project.  It sat in the shop for over a year with its drab floral cushions and uninspiring finish.  After painting it black to emphasize its lines, I had a brainstorm.  Over thirty years ago, I was an intern/volunteer at the Fabric Workshop in Philadelphia when it was just getting started.  Artists were invited to create designs that were silk-screened (hand pulled) in limited editions.

The Chair "Before"
Robert Kushner was among the first artists invited, and I was able to keep some of the first proofs that were pulled.  I don't know what they were titled as I was unable to stay to see the project all the way through, but I found one of the images online at an auction house, so they are of some value!  I just know how great the image looks on this chair.  And it's really comfortable!

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