Thursday, July 16, 2009

Floor painting (is for the young of joints) Ha!

My friend Carol and I recently gave a face-lift to a porch. As you can see, paint was flaking and peeling from at least six layers of colors. I actually thought it rather pretty/interesting after sanding and scraping (below), but the homeowner wanted a fresh, clean look for an upcoming party. We gave it a cheery flagstone motif and then sealed it with two coats of an exterior urethane that has ultraviolet resistance.
A floor job like this requires a lot of preparation: scraping, sanding, scraping again - and then using a chemical deglosser to aid in paint adhesion. Special floor paint is used and then the entire floor sealed and allowed to cure. Ideally, no furniture should be place on the floor for at least two weeks, though foot traffic is okay after a couple of days.


  1. Yeah, it was alright looking, but I think you could make it look a lot better, huh? You'll have to show the finished product. I think that would be pretty interesting.

  2. What an endeavor to take on, but I know for one thing you do not shy from endeavors great and small! Nice work. I keep thinking how nice a clean painted and sealed beautiful floor must feel on bare feet - must feel great!

  3. Wow, that looks GREAT!
    I admire your efforts in prepping and sealing the finished product. I don't know if my joints could have taken it. :-)
    Beautiful colors on the flagstones, kid.
    Well done.

  4. Goodness, you are a busy girl. Love the tween room, especially that hot pink/green combo.