Friday, August 21, 2009

Fauxing, Fauxing... Decorating, Done!

This a "tween" bedroom for which I have worked on various projects over the past year or so. Helped the client choose colors and painted all the furniture and accessories to work with the bed linens, etc.
Painted the lamp base, and added beaded fringe to the shade - but it still lacked pizazz, so....

I painted designs on the shade fabric as well - and did the three paintings on the left.

Here are two of the custom paintings (her daughter studies ballet).

I love the hot, hot pink !

This is another client's house. Her wall were just boring beige. Carol and I ragged and cross-hatched them with two shades of golden yellow glaze and then fauxed them warm and cool taupe using plastic bags.

Here is her bath before. Very red, very flat.

To lighten it up some, and add interest, I ragged/color washed it with a brighter red first, then added touches of black - and a tiny bit of iridescent gold.
Sorry about the blue tape still being on. It was left so the homeowner could put a sealer coat (they saved $$ by doing it themselves and I just told them what to purchase and how to do it.)

This frosted stripe was added to liven up another bath. Very pretty!

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